Welcome to Sandy Brecht Photography


I will be out on Vacation Jan 6 through Jan 16th back on the 17th





I also work another job so call before you make the trip to be sure I'm in the Studio! 

This Months Special:

Sitting $69.99  50 photos on a cd with 3 photos enhanced! 




 About Me ~  

I do have a Store Front Studio on the Main Street In Hammond,

so you can get your newborn photos, Business, Family or what

ever else you need done in a studio setting.  I also do a lot

of on location shooting during the Spring, Summer and Fall.

If you want inside and out for your sitting you can also do that. 


I love capturing the moments in your life that are special to you.

With my love for art and photography I have built my business

around creativity and customer service.


I live in Hammond and also have my Studio in Hammond, My Studio is

located at 940 Davis Street right in the center of town.


I specialize in  Kids, Family, Seniors, Business, Large Groups, Pets,

Wedding, Event photography and Sports.


Every photo I take of you and your family gets released to you on a cd

so you can do your own printing.  If you don't want to do your own

printing. I also do printing, and my sheet prices are $12 dollars per

sheet. and if you spend $75 dollars in prints you also get to keep the

color corrected file.   ( This does not apply to graduation photos )


When we are done with the photos shoot you take a look at all

your photos, you make sure you like them, and you leave with your

cd in your hands, once you leave the studio there is no refund, no exceptions!


 I do a lot of on location shoots,

So its a good Idea to call the Studio before you make the trip.



My hours are Monday through Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 1 

If these times don't work for you call we will make something work.

I am closed for Holidays!    

I add new photos every day to my face book page, you can check out

under my personal page Sandy Brecht.

I do post most of my photos on my face book page if you don't want

your photos posted let me know.



Sitting Fee: 

The Sitting with the color corrected files includes in the studio

 and outside.   ( does not apply to Senior Photos) 


$59.99  This includes 35 photos on a cd with a release so you can do your own printing.

 ( in the studio only)


$69.99  This includes 50 photos on a cd with a release so you can do your own printing.

 This sitting includes 3 photos color corrected,


$79.99 This includes 60 photos on a cd with a release so you can do your own printing.

 This sitting includes 5 photos color corrected.


$89.99 This includes 70 photos on a cd with a release so you can do your own printing.

This sitting includes 7 photos color corrected. 



Business Photos ~ 39.99   10 photos on a cd with a release and one photo color corrected



Seniors portrait : Sitting is $89.99                                                                      

Seniors can have as many outfits as they would like.

I do book you out for two hours, If you need more time

 let me know at the time you make your appointment. 

 If you have some place you want to go i do charge a travel fee.


Seniors portrait Sitting with 3 color corrected photos $129.99

You must order your 3 color correct photos with in 10 days of your sitting.


Senior ~ can purchase color corrected files $15.00 per file




Wedding Photography; 

Wedding prices are by the hour. and there is a travel fee,

 Prices are subject to change until you sign the contract.


 1 Hour    $399.99

 2 Hours  $499.99 

 3 Hours  $599.99    

 4 Hours  $699.99

 5 Hours  $799.99 

 6 Hours  $899.99 


Hours:   Monday ~ Friday  10-5  and  Saturday 10-1

(I'm always willing to stay later if my times don't work for you.)

 Every picture tells a story,  shoulden't yours be exceptional! 


As of Januray 1st 2012   Prices on old business cards are not valid ~ 

Check out my facebook page under Sandy Brecht